In-House Financing vs Traditional Financing

What does the term 'In-House' Financing Really Mean?

'In-House' financing, in its simplest terms, just means that the car dealership that is selling you the vehicle is either also the lender or has a captive lender that all of their business goes through.  It is a more flexible way to get the car loan you need and a one-stop shop for car buying and financing. 

'In-House' Financing vs Traditional (Regular) Financing- what is best for me?

While that is a question that is not easily answered, every buyer's situation is truly unique, some of the largest differences between the two may surprise you.  In-House lending typically allows buyers from all types of credit situations not only to buy but makes the process quicker and easier. 

While most traditional financing requires a dealer to send out credit information and sometimes wait days for an answer, 'In-House' financing typically provides a quicker turn around due to the fact that they can compare your credit profile to their own lending standards giving more flexibility to people with credit challenges. If you have been turned down for traditional financing you may discover that you do qualify for 'In-House' financing.  Approval rates are generally based more on a bigger picture of the entire customer (i.e.- income, job stability, residence stability and credit score) rather than just focusing on a FICO score.  This is especially a benefit for those individuals that have been turned down in the past.

Most 'In-House' lending also eliminates the practice of 'Spot Delivery'.  Spot delivery is a term used by the automobile industry to allow customers to 'purchase' a vehicle before finance approval has been completed.  Customers are generally told that they are approved and take delivery of the vehicle.  However, the reality is that the dealership, especially after a late night or weekend sale still has to get final approval from the bank.  This can result in phone calls to the customer days, even weeks, after the sale to tell them that the financing fell through and that either more money is needed or they must return the vehicle.  This type of practice is often a source of unrest and embarrassment for the buyer.


In-House FinancingWhy is Express Credit Auto the right choice?

  • Traditional Financing in a non-traditional setting- interest rates lower than national buy here pay averages and comparable to many new car stores. Average current rate 14.3% with rates as low as 8.98%
  • Online payment options just like a traditional lender
  • Fast and Easy Approvals- 99% Approval Rate
  • We report to the Bureaus- Transunion and Equifax
  • Finance terms tailored to the whole customer not just a score
  • NO SPOT DELIVERIES- when you drive off of our lot the car is YOURS

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