Bad Credit, No Credit and First-Time Buyer Financing

Shopping for a Car with Bad Credit

Buying a car is daunting process for even the most qualified buyer.  Shopping for a car with bad credit is even worse.  If your credit is weak, bad or non-existent a Bad Credit Car Dealer may be the answer.  Bad Credit Car Lots often have more financing options than traditional lenders. Express Credit Auto has worked for over 25+ years to be the bad credit auto dealer that looks at your whole situation (income, job time, residence time, etc.) not just a credit score

Things to know before you shop

1.  Credit Score- although it is just one piece of your total financial picture knowing where you stand can help you understand the credit decision that will ultimately be made on your behalf. Just because you think your credit is bad does not mean that it is. The US Government recommends to obtain your free credit report but there are many other options available for consumers as well.

2.  Understanding the difference between bad credit and no credit- Bad credit usually means that you have had difficulty meeting credit terms in the past- either with slow payments, repossessions or even bankruptcy.  The reasons can vary from job changes to divorce to poor financial decisions or medical issues but ultimately, they do not matter. Just because your finances have not been great does not mean that you don't deserve a reliable vehicle.  No credit is completely different.  A common misconception is that no credit means that you have no active loans at the moment.  In reality, no credit means that you have never had a loan or a credit card in your name before.  Credit accounts that have been previously closed with slow payments or cars that have been repo'd still count as bad credit.  Knowing the difference can help you understand the reasons behind the terms being offered and help you decide what is right for you.

3.  First-Time Buyers- check with the dealer to see if any programs are available.  If you have never purchased a vehicle before there may be a special program or terms available to you.

4.  Down Payment- while it may seem easiest to put down little to no money to drive away in your new car, understanding that the more you put down, the more money you ultimately save is a valuable tool.  Putting more money, up front, towards your purchase not only lowers your payments but can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your loan.

5.  Documentation- take everything that you think you will need with you to the lot.  This will not only speed the process along but you will have proof of what you can afford on hand to make sure that the car you pick out is right for your budget. Typically, most Bad Credit or Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers require a valid DL, proof of income and proof of residence. 

6.   Hidden Fees- a good Buy Here Pay Here or Bad Credit Car Dealer will be upfront or transparent with you in terms of additional fees that you may be charged.  However, all used car dealers are not the same.  Find out what fees will be added to the sale price presented to you.  For example: doc fees, prep fees, etc.

7.   Pre-Payment Penalties/Late Charges- because Bad Credit Car Dealers are typically the seller and the lender you have an advantage in that you can ask all of your questions up front.  Unlike traditional new car financing, you will usually know who your lender is before you leave the lot.  Make sure that you ask if there are penalties for paying your loan off early and/or late fees that will be charged if you happen to make a payment after the due date. This can also save you money and heartache in the long run.

Bad Credit, No Credit and First-Time Buyer Financing benefits with Express Credit Auto

  • We look at the customer's entire situationyou are more than a number
  • Financing Options for almost every credit type- bad credit, no credit, first-time buyer, previous repos, foreclosures, bankruptcies, charged-off accounts, slow pay accounts and judgements are all situations that our team is used to working with
  • Low Down Payments- most lenders won't even look at these types of buyers without a lot of money down. Because we deal with these situations every day, we are more comfortable with more risk.
  • Second chances- our 25+ years of experience has taught us that everyone falls down sometimes and we believe in giving people a second chance in their financing options
  • NO SPOT DELIVERIESwe make our decisions at the time of sale, every time! Our lender is available to us on your time, not theirs. That is part of what makes an In-House financing relationship so special
  • No Hidden Feestransparency.  Plain and simple.  No Hidden Fees.  The price you see is the price you pay. 
  • No Late Chargeswe do not punish customers that are already struggling by piling on late charges in addition to their regular payments
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties-  if you are able to payoff early CONGRATULATIONS! We do not penalize for early payoff- in fact we encourage it!

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