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A car trim, or car trim levels, refers to the specific particular features of a vehicle and their particular amenities, configurations, or technology. 
This is one of the most important things to check when looking for your next car since you’re aiming for the best option for your budget and lifestyle.

Car Trim Levels and Namings

Thanks to the current technologies and configurations, the different packages that car trims level offer have increased. So first, you must keep in mind the features you will need and use. There’s no point in going for a significantly more expensive car because it has “more features” if you’re not interested in using them.
To be differentiated, some naming conventions allow you to identify which trim level they’re. These names vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but here are the basics that have been going on around the industry since the ‘80s.
These are some of the most popular namings around:
  • “S” is used for Standard models, considered entry-level vehicles, perfect for everyday life.
  • “SE” is the Sports Edition. These cars are built with enhanced performance in mind.
  • “EX” or “XL,” commonly used for Extra, are usually extra mid-range vehicles.
  • “LX” or “LE” is a Luxury car with top amenities and comfort. These are associated with a higher status.
You’ll find these abbreviations usually around the model’s name in the vehicles.

What if I want Something More in a Standard model?

If you’re interested in a unique feature that you find in a more expensive or higher trim level car, you may be unable to customize and add them to a basic model. And, speaking about the cost/benefit, in most cases, it’s better to spend a little more and get a higher trim level vehicle than trying to upgrade to a base-level car.
This will all depend on your budget and particular necessities. Remember that a car is something you have wanted to own for a long time, so if you can splurge some more and get all of the benefits you want, go for it! You know you count on us to guide you through this process, and we will always help you look for the best match for you.

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Now that you know what a car trim is, pick the best option and start this process. Online or in person, we’ll guide you through this ride. Check our locations here, and let’s find your dream car with our buy here pay here financing.
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