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Oklahoma City, OK 73122
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Express Credit Auto Financing

At Express Credit Auto we've helped thousands of Oklahomans get back on their feet and in the driver's seat. No matter your credit score we can finance you!

If you've had previous repossessions, divorce, discharged bankruptcy or even a doesn't matter! At Express Credit Auto , we're interested in your future, not your past! All you need to obtain financing with us is proof of your income, residence and a valid driver's license - that's it! If you've said to yourself, "I need a car, but I have bad credit. What kind of company finances people with bad credit or no credit?" Express Credit Auto is your answer!

When the other car dealers, banks, and finance companies say no, we say, "Yes! We can finance you!"

If you've decided you want to get credit financing, we make the process easy for you, talk to us!!.

If you have any doubts, you can go to our Questions or Concerns page.

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